Great relationships with your co-workers can increase productivity and motivation. Do you want to build great rapport with your employees or co-workers? Do you want your team members that you rarely or never see bond together?  It’s best that you should not let anyone in your workplace feel isolated.



Give Them A Little Time

Some teams in the workplace usually don’t even a little bit and most of the time don’t even have the chance to encounter each other. Sharing pleasantries and sharing personal messages can help employees find common ground and make life at work easy.  Give them a little extra time at lunch break to just talk about anything. Give them a little time before a meeting to just chat. Take it to another level and ask them to send a recent photo to the event organizer to have a little fun before doing the business.


Virtual Ice Breakers

Give them a collection of though-provoking questions. Their answers could tell them so much about themselves and could be the way that they know more about each other. Make the questions fun and very entertaining. Try asking about fun scenarios and what they would do about it like “If you were stranded in an island and you only three things, what would they be?” or “If you can spend any amount of money, where would you like to go on vacation?”

Or you could switch it up a little bit by breaking them into teams and asking them to do and make a fun project together online like making a menu for a restaurant among others. This could be an avenue for them to make an effort to work together. Activities like these can be an opportunity for employees to talk about how the project went about, including the process of brainstorming and communicating as a virtual group.


Virtual Happy Hour

All the employees need to bond outside the work premises and out of their work roles. Organize a virtual happy hour or a virtual coffee break for everyone. This should be the time where they can connect via chat, conference call or video just to discuss not only professional topics but also of personal. Let them have a special coffee and let them have a time to connect on a personal level just have fun and relax a little.


Make a Comprehensive Calendar

It can be hard to juggle work and personal matters. Make a virtual calendars so team members can avoid conflicts in schedule and at the same time build camaraderie. This type of calendar can serve as a way for them to log personal or family matters and responsibilities. This can allow everyone to be a little sensitive and they could know when it’s okay to interrupt, or when to ask for a favor and such.


Rotational Leadership

Some members can be capable of leading the group but they don’t usually get the chance. In this way, every employee gets to lead the team. Provided, also that this doesn’t hinder them from what they are supposed to do in the business. They can give task virtually and could assign the others to organize others and such. Minneapolis Team Building Activities can do so much in the office. If you’re not into the virtual activities and would like a new, fresh, and innovative approach, start brainstorming!