Great relationships with your co-workers can increase productivity and motivation. Do you want to build great rapport with your employees or co-workers? Do you want your team members that you rarely or never see bond together?  It’s best that you should not let anyone in your workplace feel isolated.



Give Them A Little Time

Some teams in the workplace usually don’t even a little bit and most of the time don’t even have the chance to encounter each other. Sharing pleasantries and sharing personal messages can help employees find common ground and make life at work easy.  Give them a little extra time at lunch break to just talk about anything. Give them a little time before a meeting to just chat. Take it to another level and ask them to send a recent photo to the event organizer to have a little fun before doing the business.


Virtual Ice Breakers

Give them a collection of though-provoking questions. Their answers could tell them so much about themselves and could be the way that they know more about each other. Make the questions fun and very entertaining. Try asking about fun scenarios and what they would do about it like “If you were stranded in an island and you only three things, what would they be?” or “If you can spend any amount of money, where would you like to go on vacation?”

Or you could switch it up a little bit by breaking them into teams and asking them to do and make a fun project together online like making a menu for a restaurant among others. This could be an avenue for them to make an effort to work together. Activities like these can be an opportunity for employees to talk about how the project went about, including the process of brainstorming and communicating as a virtual group.


Virtual Happy Hour

All the employees need to bond outside the work premises and out of their work roles. Organize a virtual happy hour or a virtual coffee break for everyone. This should be the time where they can connect via chat, conference call or video just to discuss not only professional topics but also of personal. Let them have a special coffee and let them have a time to connect on a personal level just have fun and relax a little.


Make a Comprehensive Calendar

It can be hard to juggle work and personal matters. Make a virtual calendars so team members can avoid conflicts in schedule and at the same time build camaraderie. This type of calendar can serve as a way for them to log personal or family matters and responsibilities. This can allow everyone to be a little sensitive and they could know when it’s okay to interrupt, or when to ask for a favor and such.


Rotational Leadership

Some members can be capable of leading the group but they don’t usually get the chance. In this way, every employee gets to lead the team. Provided, also that this doesn’t hinder them from what they are supposed to do in the business. They can give task virtually and could assign the others to organize others and such. Minneapolis Team Building Activities can do so much in the office. If you’re not into the virtual activities and would like a new, fresh, and innovative approach, start brainstorming!



More and more, our lives are spent online. It is very important that we know and understand how to protect our devices and our information that is posted online. When your device is unprotected, it can as simply result to a slow moving and always lagging computer and could get as worse as losing all your money in your bank account and also getting your identity stolen from you.It’s important for internet surfers to know how to surf the current and how to protect themselves.




These below are some tips to keep you safe while you surf the internet.

Beware of scams

Learn about all the scams that is going on in the internet by reading blogs and articles. Read and follow the news, and share this to everyone you know so you can  earn about different kinds of scams and what you can do to avoid all of them and also help your friends so they won’t be scammed to.

Think before clicking

Don’t entertain or even view messages from people you don’t know. Some emails have bugs and virus encoded into them that could damage your devices. Also, some lure you into giving your personal information to them. Always be wary with emails from people. If your guts tell you that it’s suspicious, back away and do not entertain them any further.

Shop safely.

Exit sites that don’t have “https” on them or has padlock on it. Protect yourself by using your own WiFi when shopping use a credit card instead of a debit card while shopping online.

Get unique passwords.

Make passwords that could not be easily guessed and hacked like your birthday, pet or mother’s name. Go with uncrackable ones but are very easy to remember. Regularly change your passwords and don’t use the same passwords for everything.

Protect your personal information

Backup every important data on all your devices. Always keep an eye for force entry on accounts. Regularly check your financial statements to keep track of your bank account.

Safe WiFi Connectivity

You can protect your wifi network by changing your router’s setting and making sure you have the wifi connection password-protected. Also, don’t name your connection that can be traceable to you.

Install a firewall

A firewall can be a great line of defense against hacking and virus attacks. Although there are computers that are sold with built-in firewalls, find firewalls that have the services that you are looking for and will be suitable to hoe your compute is going to be used. Some firewalls that are not built in are better in terms of detecting viruses and deleting them.

Keep up to date

Keep your computer up-to-date with some upgrades. The best security software will sometimes update automatically to protect your computer. Make sure that you have turned on your automatic upgrade. Make sure that you have the latest and efficient software set to do regular scans. Beware of some applications that will promise you upgrades when it actually is going to spread virus.



When the economy is developed and there are is a lot of social change therefore, urbanization can be implied. Urbanization is a universal process and it is also the collapse of social institutions including the values. However, in the country of India, we cannot say that the caste system is the result of the urbanization hence, transforming it to the class system and the families are transforming into a nuclear family and the religions are temporal or worldly.


The western experience paves way to the collapsing-hypothesis as observed by Rao. Additionally, it does not consider the facts gathered in the urbanization in the country of India. There are three categories of urban studies, as told by Rao; one is those who are focusing on the institutional approaches, second are the cities which their growth in the history of civilization are treating and third, those that invents the role of the cities in culture and in the light of social organizations of many great traditions. The very first one showcases the economic institutions like the rise of the middle class and the religion including the commercial organization.

The city is inhabited by middle classes and groups that are into commerce and trading according to the eyes of Pirenne. An ancient city is a religious community according to Coulanges. But, for Weber, his emphasis was about social actions and the autonomous city government. Those people who are in institutions are finding the causes and the conditions for the growth and development of a city in different ways, means or contexts. There has been a typology of the cities in their processes that they all go through and the heterogenetic systems of changes in the tradition and as well as culture of the organization or the group.

The great tradition, as observed by Singer is an urban phenomenon and the change of the tradition into something greater which is what we have always been calling as urbanization. For now, the great tradition is now in a change in terms of freedom, fluidity, freedom, values, norms and individualism. Cities are categorized into pre-industrial and industrial by Sjoberg. The feudal one is a preindustrial city. But, there are still limitations of this approach; although feudalism is supreme, it is not the basis of a formation of a city and the modern city is existent because of a lot of factors in industrialization.

There is a list of criteria that is used to understand the urban stratification and structure. The important ones are the degree of openness and the nature of gratifications. These can apply to many groups and collectivities because a lot of them has opportunities for it to become better in their social standing but others are still deprived of the same. In motivational structure, the basis is the individual itself. The usage of available opportunities and the different means of communication just to make the aspirations of an individual to come true is also a basis. The urbanized social structure is characterized through the openness, mobility, ranking and attribution criteria.